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Slippery as bamboo,

I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections....

spiritual Pregnancy
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Spiritual pregnancy is a community where people can feel comfortable talking about their positive and/or spiritual experiences being pregnant. Things like dreams, feelings of connectedness, being more than just oneself... I'd like it to be a place we can talk about the life being channeled through, into and around us, a place to value the cascade of emotions and take them seriously.
Sometimes in other communities, we just talk about the physical challenges and the negative parts of being pregnant. There are so many positive things happening too- why don't we talk about them?

This community is NOT a place that excludes because of religion or lack thereof.

"I feel like i'm one of those places on the earth where all the magnetic fields converge just for now. Like there are extra spirits all around me but i don't know how to touch them."