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spiritual Pregnancy
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June 2006
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frankenbury [userpic]
a couple of questions....

Here's a mini-survey...

1. What are the some of the good feelings you associate with pregnancy?

2. At what time during pregnancy have those feelings been prevalent, or the most conspicuously absent?

ze survey

1. I feel more emotionally open than before, sort of like good pms. Things that were emotionally foggy and seemingly impossible to ever get over are easier to hurdle now. When i'm not feeling nauseus, I am almost jolly. Is it because I've been feeling so sick that the contrast is obvious? I think it is more than that.

2. When I first thought i was pregnant, at about 3 weeks, I was feeling sleepy, hungry and really happy/spacey. That was great. Then the last few weeks got more difficult with all the sickness and hunger. I started getting fearful, thinking about down's syndrome, miscarriage, all my fears. This week I'm starting to feel better again. Being pregnant seems to get more intense every week! (this is week 7)

I'm 12 weeks so I hate to say it but I haven't really experience any amazing pregnancy feelings at least physically. I either feel pregnant in a bad way (overly tired or nauseated) or not pregnant at all. I know from my first pregnancy that there are great things to come...hiccups, movements. Right now I'm still battling nausea here and there and am very tired at night. Mentally though there are already hopes, dreams and aspirations for this little on in my tummy. Basically being exciting at its upcoming arrival.

I was very sick about 3 weeks ago for a span of about 3 weeks. From probably week 6/7 to week 9/10. That has passed somewhat but I've also learned to avoid a lot of foods to bring those feelings on and not eat a lot at one sitting. I feel the best in the mornings!