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spiritual Pregnancy
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June 2006
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nisabba [userpic]
39 wks

39 wks today and I'm still feeling in awe of this pregnancy, I'll miss my 9.5 month internal companion whose every need I satisfy by the magic of my body.

(Sorry I can't figure out how to put these behind a cut)


Your pictures are simply stunning! :)

thank you--love your icon

thank you

Beautiful pictures!! You are a gorgeous woman : }

aww thanks Hon, where's Union Bridge? Are you far from Bmore?

I can get to Baltimore in about 45 min-1 hr. Its not too far down the beaten path from me : } All of my prenatals are in Baltimore, right on the other side of the Baltimore Art Gallery. I plan on making a day and visiting it after one of my visits. Haven't been there in years!

I know where you go, i live back there in Hampden, but my midwive's office is in Randallstown. The garden restaurant in the BMA is nice as is the sculpture garden.

I know where you go also : } Homebirth? We were considering her but the practice I'm going to just really grew on me. I really like those women.